Most of us look at large metal boxes which are used to transport items using sea, air or even land transportation methods and think only about getting one for such a purpose. However, there are also some of us who use these large metal boxes for home purposes too.

It you look at the shipping container prices in Australia in the way you look at a room you can understand that it is actually a really good way to have some extra room in your house without actually building anything. Also, if you want to, there is always the chance of you being able to buy a used large metal box and save some money at that point too. There are several reasons for these large metal boxes becoming a good choice for home purposes.


Firstly, these shipping container are a very tough place as they are made using metal. This toughness with all the proper locks which does not allow anyone to get in easily makes them ideal for using as a storage space as your items will be safe in there. It is quite hard for a burglar to break into such a place since it is made with good and rough metal work. Therefore, it can also be useful for a home office as all your office equipment will be safe there once you finish work for the day and lock the place up.

Can be Cheaper than Building a Whole New Room

If you look at the shipping container prices and then compare it with the cost you have to bear if you are going to build a new room from scratch, you will find that buying this large metal box is actually cheaper than building the room anew. You can also save money when you buy the large metal box by going for a used a one which is still in good condition. You will have to modify the interior to make it habitable and yet if you are smart about what you buy you can save money from that too. For example, if you are getting this for storage, buy a metal box which already has shelves installed in it.


Durability is also one factor which attracts people. With a fresh coat of paint to drive the rust away you can keep such a large metal box around for a long time.
Therefore, because of the toughness, durability and the low cost people are using large metal boxes for home purposes other than the original purpose of transportation of goods.