We all love to try new food, places and restaurants when the weekend comes but then there are those weekends where all you want to do is just not leave your house. We understand. This is precisely why put this little piece of writing together to help you (and us) to unite in our common love for good food and drink in the comfort of our own home.
Chances are that unless you are a brilliant cook, lazy weekends would make you want to eat out, as much possible. It’s not as though you are not aware of the health benefits of home cooked food, just that you know how a long work week deserves cheat meals. In plenty as well to catch up for the days you missed out on or was over-stressed with work.
Prepping for a lazy weekend always starts with a good bottle of wine. But from the looks of your kitchen cupboard, you’ve run out so fear not for your local store now has a wine online shop. Go online, browse through the different categories and assess your mood to check if it feels Chilean, Spanish or French this weekend. Once you do, place your order and get the glass(s) ready.
The joy of today’s food and beverage and hospitality industries is how they make life extremely convenient for all of us, check this if you want to buy Australian wine in Hong Kong. Similar to the wine online shop there isalso plenty of restaurants that offer online ordering, browsing menus through their dedicated mobile app or the good old call-in-delivery feature that is nowhere near obsolete.
If you are determined that you will be staying indoors the whole of the weekend, be sure to however pickup some bare essentials at the local grocery store that you might need for over the weekend. Or you might even call that in for delivery – whichever works best for you! These can include some eggs, sausages, bread or other carbs you would want to have for breakfast and of course coffee, unless you want to have some of that wine to start your day!
Another great tip for staying indoors over the weekend is to actually plan your meals out. It might sound a little insane at first but think of it practically. As a foodie you want to try out as many of the new places (that has delivery!) as possible. What best way would you have other than to plan out your meals – these include the time of meal (for you would want to be ravenous for your next!) and of course the cuisine (because Chinese twice a day is a little too monotonous). Happy eating!