It is the desire of all people to build up a home, business or office area with better conditions. It is not only the interior that need to be inspected but also the exterior too play a major role in selecting a new ground for a home, business or office. In order to take best decisions better research and a survey should be first conducted about the locality of the area.

Pre sale inspection
If one is expecting to use the proceedings of the old house to be invested on the new house, it is simply being described as pre sale inspection. The pre sale house inspection carried out with a trusted inspector enable to sell the old house at an expected amount by the seller and the proceedings to be used in the purchase of the new house.

Pre purchase inspection
When one is buying an area to build up a home, business or office, one should be very vigilant to get the assistant of an inspector in order to inspect the area before purchase. This is commonly to be known as pre purchase inspection. Once the space passes the test of pre purchase inspection, it also needs to be checked for pest and termite inspection, pre auction inspection, pre sale inspection, pre handover review etc.

Pest and termite inspections
The inspection for pest and termites play an important role when selecting a new space for household, business or office as it is vitally important in maintain the health of the occupants. The building inspectors in Melbourne pays very close attention to this matter.  
Inspection for termites and pests not only take place in selecting a household area, but also it is being inspected in apartment inspections as well.

Inspection need to be accurate
In order to prevent heartbreaks after the purchase of the house, one should be mindful to carry out an inspection prior the purchase. This will enable the buyer to check whether his broker has cheated on him or whether the construction was done in such a manner that satisfies the need of the buyer. Most of the building inspectors carry out this process in order to prevent any future heartbreak to be faced by the buyer.  

Factors to be considered apart from inspection
In purchasing an area for a household, business or office inspection is not only the factor which need to be considered, inspection is just one primary element that plays a major role in the purchase. Apart from inspection, cost, convenience and clearance of the deed are some of the factors which need to be considered by the buyer before the purchase.