In most of the tropical countries, where rainforests, exotic animal life exists, is also where annoying insects and pests like flies, mosquitoes, lizards, ants, cockroaches exist, too, which is quite unfortunate for the people who have to live with the constant risk of falling sick due to these pests. These pests have been around for what seems like forever, and are not showing any signs of retreating anywhere else on this planet.

Enormous amounts of money has probably been spent in producing poisonous medicines to get rid of them, but they work for a short period of time before it wears of and the annoying pests are back attacking you again. Meanwhile in other countries, they have no issues with pests, and the people live peaceful, pest-free lives, where as we can only dream about such a thing. It’s such a nuisance, because if you make one small mistake of keeping some food set on the table open, within a matter of minutes an army of flies and ants will arrive to make themselves completely at home, which is so frustrating, because it’s like you’re in a war with them.Mosquitoes are the main attackers, or maybe even predators, who are after blood; causing diseases like dengue and malaria which are widespread and highly contagious. It’s very common and fatal as well. These mosquitoes have the ability to breed in places where rain water can be collected, and there’s an endless list for that, which includes coconut shells, wash basins that are left outside, as well as uncovered containers, too. What makes everything even worse is the fact that it’s highly likely to spread easily among children. Commercial pest control has to be carried out effectively and potential breeding sites must be thoroughly checked and cleansed to prevent anything dangerous happening.

Another pest that has to be taken notice of is rats. Rats are absolutely disgusting, and cause leptospirosis, which is an infection transmitted through their bacteria. In order for the prevention of this spreading, houses must be inspected by rat control as they will advise you on how to keep them from your home. This is why it’s always advisable to once in a way properly cleanse everything, and have every surface shiny and spotless, because then there’s less risk of any sign of bacteria.You never realize how much the environment has been affected by the smog, global warming and everything else until you step outside into the wilderness, where it all unfolds for you to see.