Window should be clean very often. Especially if there are blinds they can get dirty. They can get dirt from the dust in the house, tiny insects or by splashing of food. The windows will look messy and ugly which will lower the look of the house. So they needed to be cleaned regularly. The process in cleaning blinds are not that hard in fact it is easy to clean. Here are some useful steps that you can follow.

The steps you can follow.

Before you attempt to clean the installed roller blinds you need to know the proper directions.

If you do not clean the elegant roller blinds according to the instructions given you might even damage. These instructions will be provided in the care label. If the instructions says not to wash the blinds then you can clean them the way you want but with great care but if the instructions says not to wash the blinds, then you can’t wash them but you may clean them. All the dirt or the spots that are visible only has to be cleaned then. Anyhow, before washing them or cleaning them you need to remove the blinds from the window and then lay it on the floor. First you need to vacuum it, this is done In order to remove any dust particles or cobwebs. Even if you don’t have a vacuum you can use a cloth to wipe off all the dust particles or cob webs. If the instructions mentioned to wash the blinds you can simply use a bathtub to wash it. The bathtub should be filled halfway with lukewarm water to that add 2 or 3 tablespoons of dishwashing soap, then soak the blind or many blinds at a once in the tub then you can use a soft cloth or may a tooth brush to clean. 

Clean with care.

For the blinds that should not be washed. You need to lay these blinds on a newspaper first. Then make a solution of water and detergent. Spot if any dirty patches are there, with the aid of a cloth you can clean all the spots with the soap water. Rub the spots till the patches are gone completely. If the stains are still not going you can use baking soda, add some baking soda into the soap solution and try wiping away the stains again. After cleaning or washing the blinds you need to leave it to dry. Hang them rope or anywhere else that it would easily dry. Also remember that if you need to keep the blinds looking almost new you will have to clean the often.